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Piggybacking on one of your asks, how do you feel about the idea floating around right now about guaranteed basic income for citizens? It seems to me that the US has enough billions to provide health care, food, and a basic stipend for everyone.
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I do not believe in the government just giving money to people who are healthy and capable of work. At first glance it may seem compassionate but in the long run it deteriorates the work ethic and leads to crime, drug use and violence.

Instead people should be put to work in dignity. Good jobs rebuilding our infrastructure. Roads, schools, hospitals, bridges, sewer and water systems and rebuilding places like Detroit, Gary and Flint.


If you are a “job creator” who believes that all your workers would quit if they didn’t rely on you for the ability to buy food to keep them alive, what does that say about you as an employer?

I see your point, but living in a country where the unemployed, whether deliberate or by circumstance, receive money to help them get along, I can tell you that it doesn’t matter what kind of employer you are.

There will always be people who would rather spend their time having fun but “earning” a little less than working 45 hours a week for a few bucks more. There are even more extreme cases where people cheat the system to get more money than some of those who work their asses off all day long.

The most outrageous thing I have seen was a guy driving up in a 50.000+€ ($70.000) Audi, asking for a signature that he “applied” for a job but there weren’t any. Why? So he could keep on getting money from the state of course.

That said I don’t believe there is a system that is truly fair. There are those who actually need the help because they truly cannot find work for different reasons and then there are those with the aforementioned attitude.

Ah isn’t it great when customers yell at you for something your boss fucked up?

Note: it’s not.


Decided to renew this thing :\ This is pretty much all I will offer for a while, aside from icons. I want to do something that I can draw in one sitting, and stream pretty much from sketch to touch ups.

I wanted to add picture with human character here too, BUT TOO BAD, those are outdated, and I don’t want old junk on ref.



That’s what I need right now… ~__~

What is it?!

very big bar of chocolate… ;3

About half of it still left >__>

That’s what I need right now… ~__~

Uhhhhhh! :’{ *hugs* I suggest to look for the older car, like 20 or 30 years older, because my father worked in car repair workshop and the only thing he can say that new cars are design to break in most ridiculous places.

Thank you for the hugs! *hugs* :3

I kinda drive too much for such an old car - 44.000km / year.
cars like that have way too many kilometers on them already to last more than a year or two maybe. Or they are ridiculously expensive to buy… :C

in a way it went better than expected though… today’s bill was “only” 115€…

I bring my car to that shop all the time so they know me and we’re pretty friendly with each other so they showed me what the problems are - usually customers don’t have access to that part of the shop, it’s somewhat open but they are always asked to stay outside.

Anyway, the pipe on the AC that is broken is a monstrosity. It’s long, winding, and ends somewhere between engine and the cabin. Behind a heat-shield. Which in turn can only be taken out when you disassemble the exhaust. So that’ll be around 300+€ in work. I am not yet sure I’ll let them repair it.

The leaking gearbox is another thing. They don’t know where it might be leaking or for how long it has been doing so. For now they cleaned it and I’ll bring the car again next week for them to look if there is new oil on those parts. So there is still hope there isn’t all that much leakage so I wont need to get it fixed.

So… next week they’ll check the leak, on the 3rd they’ll (hopefully) fix the motor thingy - the control-box in my car says it’s an error with the glowplugs but it is too vague to say what exactly or which glowplug - so that I can get the TÜV certificate on the 10th… ~__~

*sigh* I really hate my life right now… not just because of today but in general…

though today is kinda the icing on the cake.
So my car is almost 5 years now and I brought it into the shop to get my ac fixed and a new TÜV-certificate, which needs to be renewed every two years though for the first time after three years.
Anyway, my car did not get the TÜV-certificate because of some engine error. I can live with that, error happen and it might not be something major.
However, they cannot fix the ac easily as they would need to disassemble the whole front portion… and my gearbox is leaking oil…
Granted my car has run almost 200.000km (~125.000 miles) but this should not be happening, yet.

I am pretty much done with this car. I am fed up with all the problems I have with it and if I could just afford it I’d just trash it and get a different one. But alas… I can’t.

*sigh* off to the shop to get it back… pay probably a couple hundred bucks for basically nothing and set my mind to another bill next week, when I try again to get that TÜV certificate…


Menden (IMGP0890a) by TransHuman on Flickr.

the sketchiest train station i’ve ever been to..

well, a lot has changed since then - they actually demolished that building and re-build the whole area with lots of shops…

links to the pictures (higher res):
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