I should probably head to bed… if anyone reads this… have a good night!


PSA for the shy, sexually inexperienced, maybe-queer, maybe-bi, maybe-asexual ladies who send me letters about finding someone to snuggle and/or date:




You are not alone in writing a (usually beautifully written, well-spelled) note about how you are looking for someone to hang out with and maybe make out with and cuddle but without pressure or expectation of doing more.

You are not alone in feeling like traditional “dating” situations and advice don’t work for you. Common worries: Too much pressure to “come out” and/or categorize yourself in some way, worried that people won’t be satisfied with what you are able to give, worried about being harassed by 10,000 creepy dudes, body image issues, shame about being a late bloomer.

We’ve covered a lot of this on the site already in other threads about meeting new people and dating, but I get, easily, three or four of these specific (female, somewhere on the queer/bi/ace axis, looking for someone who will go really, really slow with sex stuff) letters per week. You are not alone! You are not alone. […]

I wish you sweet blanket forts with respectful, adorable, terrifyingly amazing people like yourselves. But mostly I want you to know: You are not alone.


I don’t think I have had as much to drink as tonight before… ~__~


going back to play a game over again and listening to a character that betrays you lie straight to your face



hello monday


hello monday

Panasonic DMC-FZ200


first time trying to make creme puffs myself. Didn’t turn out too bad. :3

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TBH, you're one of the kindest and friendliest person I meet. You need to be more opened, because you're really cool.


this made my day… thank you :´)

went shopping this morning when I saw this… my be interesting for someone. :3